A taste of Greece

June 2021 - Octopus

Each month we turn the spotlight on a new ingredient through which our Chef allows us a peek into authentic Greek cuisine step by step. Our highlight dishes are prepared with the usual attention to detail and quality, and are available on the menu for a limited time. To strive for a perfect experience, each menu item comes with a specific Hungarian wine offer.

Our main attraction for June is the octopus.

It is a popular ingredient in greek cuisine, which they tend to prepare and eat in a couple of ways. Baked and cooked variants can both be found on local menus. It is a versatile ingredient, fitting to be either an appetizer or a main course. This is why we chose it.

We are happy to present three limited dishes this month. They are gourmet treats, created with care in order to deliver an authentic greek world of taste and mood to the upcoming hot summer. Try them by yourself, with family or friends; you won’t be disappointed!

Octopus in vinegar
Xtapodi xidato

Wine match: Babarczi Sauvignon Blanc

2990 HUF

Greek octopus croquette

Wine match: Istvándy Vulkán Rizling

2990 HUF

Greek octopus and onion stew
Xtapodi stifado

Wine match: Lelovits Merlot

6990 HUF

Taste it while you can!
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