A taste of Greece

October 2021 - Veal

Each month we turn the spotlight on a new ingredient through which our Chef allows a peek into authentic Greek cuisine, step by step. Our highlight dishes are prepared with the usual attention to detail and quality, and are available on the menu for a limited time. To strive for a perfect experience, each menu item comes with a specific Hungarian wine offer.

Our main attraction for October is veal.

We present four unique greek dishes, which are made of exquisite ingredients and prepared with great care. Each has its own distinct world of flavor, but have one thing in common: they are based on veal, one of Greece’s favourite ingredients. Which one would you like to try?

Stuffed zucchini with minced veal served with lemon and dill sauce
Kolokithakia gemista

Wine match:
Babarczi Sauvignon Blanc

1 990 HUF

Stuffed cabbage (dolma) with minced veal served with lemon sauce

Wine match:
Szőke Mátyás Paskomi Chardonnay

1 990 HUF

Greek style veal ragout (in tomato sauce) and onion stew
Moshari stifado

Wine match:
Lelovits Merlot

3 990 HUF

Greek style veal ragout and vegetables (in lemon sauce) served with Egyptian rice
Moshari lemonato

Wine match:
Retsina Malamatina

4 290 HUF

Taste it while you can!
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